Vertellis Holiday Edition Card Game – Thoughtful Conversation Starters and Questions for Groups, Families, Friends, Office – Mindfulness and Communication Building Icebreaker for Parties, Gathering

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This is probably a familiar scenario for you. The whole family is sitting around the table. Everyone has talked about how their day went. You’ve also commented on the delicious food and have even discussed your upcoming plans. Now what? Silence starts to seep in, and people start paying more attention to their phones than the people they love. How do you avoid this scenario the next time the family gets together?

The Holiday Edition Card Game by Vertellis makes family gatherings a lot more interesting and memorable!


The game involves asking thought-provoking questions that encourage everyone to share fun memories, inspiring goals, and meaningful stories. It results in deep conversations that make everyone feel more connected, as you gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for each other. It draws people closer together.

Take the time to reflect on the past year and share your aspirations for the following year, all in a fun and heart-warming way!



We are introducing the Vertellis Holiday Edition, designed to add new flavors to family holiday get-togethers. You’ll have something new to look forward to every year! Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve.

The game also offers a great icebreaker for casual winter gatherings. How about getting to know your colleagues? Connecting with your officemates on a deeper level will set you off to a great start the following year.

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In the fast-paced, digital world we live in, people are losing touch with the art of face-to-face conversation. Social media offers a convenient way to communicate, but it lessens the quality of the connection we make. With more and more people relying on online platforms to interact, social skills continue to degrade.

Our family game cards aim to get people off their devices. Spend a portion of the holidays having a much-needed digital cleanse! Deep conversations are just the antidote.



Questions force us to look within ourselves, think deeply, and examine what lies deep within our hearts. Oftentimes, the process leads to a discovery about ourselves we did not realize before.

The right questions allow us to dig up some new revelations about our loved ones as well. We get surprising insights that allows us to better connect with them.

Get ready for pleasant surprises as our cards lead you to ask all the powerful questions!



A study found that people who engage in deeper conversations are happier. This is because humans are naturally inclined to seek meaning in their lives.

Engaging in substantive discussions allow us to do just that. Plus, as social animals, we have an innate need to connect with others.

Small talk barely scratches the surface of this need and can make us feel empty and frustrated.

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Revealing yourself to other people creates a feeling of self-validated intimacy. The very act of sharing is enough to foster feelings of closeness. The courage, openness, and sense of vulnerability make you feel closer to the people you’re talking to.

Our cards ask just the right questions that encourage people to share their innermost feelings and desires. It also includes two “open cards” you can use to truly customize your game to you and your social circle.

✅ STARTS GREAT CONVERSATIONS – Our conversation cards are designed to get you past small talk and have genuine conversations. Make your next dinner or reunion with family and friends more meaningful!
✅ FORGES STRONG BONDS – Our conversation starter cards lead to interesting discoveries about the people you care about. Everyone gets to open up about themselves, fostering a feeling of intimacy.
✅ UNIQUE DESIGN – This game is the brainchild of friends looking for deep connections. No other card game looks like it. The deck is made up of 46 questions divided into four rounds, making for hours of fun.
✅ HIGHLY PORTABLE – With dimensions of 4x4x1 inches, our icebreaker games are ultra portable. Take it with you on vacation trips! Bring people together, whether at grandpa’s place or at work.
✅ THE PERFECT HOLIDAY ACCESSORY – The holidays are upon us! Cozy up with a game that will bring loved ones closer. Keep the holiday spirit of love and family burning bright.

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