Ultimate Lawn Game for Family Outdoor Wooden Timber Toss – Viking Bowling Yard Number Games – Best Interactive Way to Develop Math Skills – Enjoy and Play Wooden Throwing Game – Includes Carry Bag

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classics chess throwing game hooky slingshot wood cheese molkky sabras cactus shut the boxclassics chess throwing game hooky slingshot wood cheese molkky sabras cactus shut the box

GreatLife’s toys are designed to combine learning with fun. From vibrantly colored Rainbow Kites to classic wooden toys like the Xylophone and the Wooden Abacus, to the mind-boggling Cube, Cuby, and Carbon Fiber Cube, aGreatLife wants to provide children with safe, ingenious, and high-quality toys that will stimulate their imagination and senses, help them interact with others, learn more about the world around them, and develop essential life skills. aGreatLife is strongly committed to enhance everyone’s quality of life by providing beautiful, useful, and premium products that will help families create strong and priceless memories together.

wooden throwing game competitive outdoor finnish finlandwooden throwing game competitive outdoor finnish finland


aGreatLife Classic Bowling Lawn Game – Fun, Skill, Luck and Laughter for Everyone!

It’s almost impossible to find a group activity or game that will be enjoyed by both adults and kids. Most parties have some stuff for kids to play with while the adults stand around talking.

Well your quest for the perfect entertainment is now over. This wooden scatter game is both ideal for an adult party where friends play a few rounds while enjoying a drink together or at a children’s party where the kids need to burn off some of their energy!

How to Play:

Place the pins in a rough triangle. The first player throws the tossing piece at the skittles and tries to knock them down. The next player sets up the pins in the exact place that they fell.


The number of pins that were knocked down are added up together. I.e. if you knock down 5 pins you get 5 points. If you only knock down 1 pin you get the number of points on the pin. The game ends when one player reaches exactly 50 points.


Throws must always be underhand.

If a skittle/pin is leaning on another pin or the throwing dowel it is not considered fallen.

If a player misses 3 times in a row. They are out the game.

If a player’s scores over 50 points. They are penalized, and their score gets “knocked” down to 25.

Players 2-6

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player numbers group game throwing outdoors

player numbers group game throwing outdoors

carrying bag outdoor wooden throwing game competitive

carrying bag outdoor wooden throwing game competitive

indoor outdoors all weather wooden throwing game competition

indoor outdoors all weather wooden throwing game competition

competition outdoor wooden throwing game

competition outdoor wooden throwing game

Competitive Fun

Play with as few as 2 people or as many as 26 people. Since this is a competitive game; the more the merrier!

Nylon Carry Bag

No more heavy wooden crates or net bags that rip, our custom-made nylon bags let you take your Finnish game anywhere you want.

Play Anywhere!

No more gloomy days because the Wooden throwing game can be played indoors or outdoors. Take advantage of the great weather by playing outside or have fun at the comfort of your home.

Great for everyone

The wooden throwing game can be played by both adults and kids alike. Kids will benefit with the math while adults will appreciate the strategic aspect of the game.

⭐ TIMBERRRR!!! MORE FUN THE OLD BORING BOWLING and CHESS GAMES – It’s like a primitive skittles game that will have you totally hooked, like a great wooden washer toss game. Not just a fun yard games for adults but also for your kids who will be yard bowling all day long, because who doesn’t love throwing a wooden dowel at a target!
⭐ MORE FUN WITH CLASSIC BOWLING LAWN GAME – With 12 “Viking Chess Pieces” and a Custom-Made FREE Nylon Bag you are ready to play the yard bowling game! This outdoor lawn game will be a HIT at your family BBQ, birthday party, beach party, or any other get together. Super easy to set up and play, instructions included.
⭐ NO WOOD CHIPPING, NO PARTS FALLING OFF WITH OUR FREE NYLON CARRY BAG – The FREE nylon carrying bag is strong and durable, so you can take the game to the park, grandma’s house or on your travels! Wood smooth finish is guaranteed for safety and sturdy parts so you can play with the group game again and again.
⭐ FUN INTERACTIVE WAY TO GET KIDS TO DO MATH – If you can get your kids to sit down and do some math problems – kudos to you. We discovered that through playing this scatter outdoor game, kids must use their heads (not a calculator) to keep track of the score. Each skittle in this wood bowling set is worth different points!
⭐ ENCOURAGES COOPERATIVE PLAY – Whether you are running a summer day camp activity or supervising your children’s playdates, this game gets everyone to work together. The best outdoor entertaining yard games for adults and kids played with 2 or more players. All the kids can help with keeping score and take turns setting up the beach bowling set!

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